Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Real Life, Zemira: An Interview With Charlotte Mishell (Part 1)

She is a woman, a poet, and a teacher. She is Charlotte Mishell. Over the past four years she has become a staple to the NYC spoken word scene through her hard-hitting, thought-provoking poetry, as made evident on her album Love, Charlotte.

Recently, Team ZEMIRA caught up with Charlotte at a NYC bookstore to pick her brain on the art of poetry, her inspiration, and the state of the young black female in America.

The first installment of our Real Life, Zemira series, our interview with Charlotte Mishell is one of several interviews with real-life women from which ZEMIRA draws its inspiration and mission.

So take a minute to watch the interview, soak in the discussion, and discover why it is we all love Charlotte.


  1. I know exactly what she means about an image or moment that just sticks with you. You're not sure how it will effect you, if you'll ever revisit it but it's there.

    Lighter note: She took me back talking about latchkey!! And I love that genuine, New York city natives still exist

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  3. Yeah, so true about the images of people who were in complicated maybe even bad situations? You remember those people the most in your young life. Those are the things you vividly remember as you began to write. You remember the pain for that person even though you have not went through it physically. For some reason you feel hurt. Wow Yeah I feel that. Tight short.