Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When You Show Love...

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the talented actors, crew/technicians, friends, family and supporters who enabled us to complete filming of the ZEMIRA short. For all of you (way too many to name) we are extremely grateful. We could not have accomplished this without any of you.

Extra special shouts (in no particular order) to our cast (Michelle Nicholson (Zemira), Robbie Morgan (Darryl), Suzette "Azariah" Gunn (Jeanette), Marjuan Canady (Robyn), Aaron Conley (Amir), and Kaleber Soze (Shane)) and crew (Casting Director, ChiChi Anyanwu; Cinematographer, Francisco Escobar; Assitant Directors, Kissa Starr and Jasmin Tiggett; Asst. Cameraman, Chris Anthony Hamilton; Sound Recordist, Matt Perry Thomas; Audio Tech, Dmitri Tssayre; Super Grip/Gaffer, Gene Malkin; MakeUp Artist, Faatima Hall; Still Photographer, Evita Robinson; and Productions Assistants Andres Chuck Valencia, Kojo, Ronnie Davis, Hugh, Cameron Bhola, DeLana R.A. Dameron, Yohanna Florentino, and others)for their motivation, professionalism, and dedication on this project.

Also, special, special thanks to Dyalekt for opening his home to us for two long days of filming. Dyalekt, you saved us both time and money and for that you are totally rad!

Thank you also goes out to Adrienne Anderson, DeLana R.A. Dameron, Noelle Ito, Nana Mensah, and Sinyan Whitfield for feeding us while filming. We are happy to report that no one passed out from hunger or thirst during the long, hot hours on set. We love you guys for that.

As we move into the next phase of this project (editing. yay!)we look forward to sharing the finished product with the world (very soon) while getting closer to producing the full feature version of the film. Below are a few behind the scenes photos from days 2 and 3 of shooting.

When you show love, see what happens?

Our Director of Photography, Francisco Escobar, behind the camera.

Make-up artist, Faatima Hall preps actor Kaleber Soze (Shane) for a scene.

Exterior shot with actors Kaleber Soze (Shane) and Michelle Nicholson (Zemira) (Photo courtesy of Celeste Nogueras--photographer in training.)

Curtis, director of ZEMIRA, talks with Assistant Camerman, Chris Anthony Hamilton.

Kissa Starr, 1st Assistant Director, readies set for filming.

Curtis provides notes on a scene to cast members.

Left to right: cast members Marjuan Canady (Robyn) and Michelle Nicholson (Zemira) on set.

Audio Tech Dimitri Tssayre chats with the stars.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Was All A Dream...

On location at the ZEMIRA short film shoot. Day 1: Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY. Photos courtesy of Celeste Nogueras.