Friday, May 28, 2010

Production Help Needed

Hello all,

For those who are still unaware, next week Mecca and I are filming a short version of our soon-to-be produced movie ZEMIRA.

We still need and are very open to either help on the set or donations so we can ably feel our actors and crew.

For the set, we still need a Script Supervisor, Boom Operator and Best Boy, and an affordable Make-Up person. But mostly we Production Assistants (PA) in which you'll basically just need to either help myself, Mecca or various crew members with different things we need for that moment. We'll be shooting on Thursday June 3, Friday June 4th and Sunday June 6th. If you're able to help, please contact me by email or by phone (917-697-4157) and I'll give you even more details.

Thank you to those who have already promised to volunteer their time to help us on set. I'll be contacting you all individually over the next few days on which positions I'll need you to fill.

Thanks also to those who have promised to provide some extra money or supplies for food for the cast and crew. Please send any monies for that to our Paypal donation page at: Just click on the Donate Now button which leads directly to our PayPal account OR enter my email address: to send funds directly to me.

We realize that some of this is very last minute so any help you can provide will be more than appreciated. We look forward to making movie magic happen with or through your help.


Curtis John
Director, ZEMIRA

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