Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Tings A Gwan

Hey folks. So it seems like we haven't been in this space forever, but believe me when I tell you that Curtis and I have been biz-ee! I know, I know what else is new, right? Oh there's lots. Like for instance...

Our August 12th premiere was a hit! Actually, it was so nice we had to screen it twice. (Photos courtesy of Jason John)



Yep, that's right the out pour of support was fierce that evening. Thanks again to all who came out! You made us feel loved.

Also, an extra special thanks goes out to these folks for the evening...

Our parents (Johns to the left, Woods to the right).


Our cast members (left to right: Kaleber Soze, Marjuan Canady and Robbie Morgan). Michelle, Azariah, and Aaron were with us in spirit...

One last note before we move on: Purple. Heels. That is all.

Okay. So now that we've got that squared and out of the way, I bet you'd like to know what else we've been doing. Well, we've been talking to the kiddies. Yes, that's right. Team ZEMIRA took some time out this past summer to visit with students at the Drammeh Institute, a Bronx filmmaking program for youth.

During our visit we got to speak to them about overcoming challenges while pursuing a passion and the importance of the barter system in building a network. We even got to show them a few scenes from the short and offered them technical tips they could incorporate into their own projects. A huge thank you goes to Iman Nur, director of the program, for extending the invitation to us. Our visit even got us a mention in the Bronx Times!

Oh but that's not it people. I told you we've been busy!

Last Friday our good friends at Rise Up Radio(WBAI 99.5FM) brought us on the show (along with our star Marjuan Canady and phenomenal visual artist Marthalicia) to discuss ZEMIRA as well as the role of women in film and theatre. You can listen in from WBAI's archives to catch our September 3rd airing. Thanks to the Rise Up Radio family for looking out. We had a blast. Oh, and I'll try not to be so babble-ly next time. LOL.

Well...ok, folks. That is it for now. Whew!!


Oh and PS, we got in our first review on the short. Read it on Society HAE.

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