Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ZEMIRA casting call--looking for a few good men

'ZEMIRA’ – Independent Feature Film - Non-Union Males

Zemira Film, Inc. is casting non union males for feature film Zemira. Curtis John Dir. Curtis John and Mecca Woods Writers. Casting begins early December. Shooting starts early spring TBA.

PRODUCERS: Curtis John and Mecca Woods

SYNOPSIS: ZEMIRA is a coming-of-age story loosely based on real life events. It centers around the title character, Zemira Black, a book smart but awkward African-American girl struggling to find her place and her voice in the world. As if dealing with the stress of being a teenager isn’t hard enough, Zemira struggles with the adversity of her drug addicted parents and an upbringing in a violent South Bronx neighborhood, both of which are starting to destroy her unless she can figure out how best to fight for her life.

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COMPENSATION: Reel copy, credit, transportation/meals

Submit headshot/resume electronically to: include role for which you are submitting in the subject.

Darryl Black is the proud father of Zemira and Amir. Charming and studious, Darryl should have been an professor, or a philosopher, or with his tendency to keep his head in the clouds dreaming, an artist. He did try the artist route for years, but without any encouragement from his hard-to-impress family that aspect of his life fall apart – something that has kept him distant the rest of his life and caused him to turn to drugs to repress. Growing up, he never thought he’d fit the stereotype of the aimless Black man society likes to center on, but after a falling-out from his conservative Muslim family, Darryl has become his own worst enemy. How can any man raise a family right when he hates himself so badly?

Chain smoking coupled with a heroin addiction don’t make matters any better, but surprisingly he’s still an handsome guy, with a thin but muscular build and smooth dark skin. If you didn’t see the track marks in his arms (among other areas), you’d never know he was a serious user. His long bouts of pensiveness often annoy his family, but Jeanette can break him out of it easy by putting on some Stevie, Miles, or Luther.

AMIR – TO PLAY 12 to 14 years old
Amir is the Zemira’s little brother. Quiet but personable, he’s a real boy who loves videogames and computers, cartoons and sports. Unlike many of his peers though, he’s unnaturally neat and organized, and has a pretty even temperament. That said, Amir’s no weakling – when it’s time to throw down he can kick yo’ butt and have you screaming for your mother.

In a lot of ways, Amir is the antithesis of his sister. Not prone to high emotion, he’s very popular in school and some girl is always sweating him, which helps enhance his lack of academic achievement with them doing his homework. His second hand clothes don’t matter to him, Amir sees himself as better than most. Although he has no musical talent, hip-hop is his main love, and he constantly tries to rhyme, much to the detriment of his friend’s ears.

SHANE – TO PLAY 17 years old
Head of the local drug crew, Shane is an intimidating guy who’s violent, vengeful and manipulative nature keeps all of his ‘people’ constantly on his toys. Tall and chubby, he’s a smooth talking and convincing guy who is good at getting people to see his point-of-view. Often alternating between his West-Indian patois and American vernacular, Shane becomes even crazier when he’s drinking – which is frequent. Zemira is dangerously attracted to him.

The family therapist to the Black’s, Dr. Monroe is an attentive and even-tempered man whose fight to help families from the hood become well-adjusted people is his passion. Originally hailing from a bad area of St. Louis, his street smarts allow him to get past the gruffness of the Black’s in order to bring them to the next level of their therapy. He feels Zemira is the key to making them a stronger family. A bit pudgy, Dr. Monroe has a good sense of humor…once he actually gets the joke.

TIMOTHY – TO PLAY 16 years old
Timothy is Zemira’s first boyfriend. A tall, attractive, and light-skinned Jamaican boy, he’s Zemira’s first true love. But how does he really feel about her?

RASUL – TO PLAY 16 years old
One of Shane’s drug dealing crew, he’s a native of the neighborhood and grew up with Zemira. Although he used to tease her, he’s feeling her now. But with his doofy demeanor and heavy acne, even the insecure Zemira isn’t desperate enough to give Rasul the time of day. A heavy follower, there’s no way Rasul will last long on the streets if he keeps up with this drug life.

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